Almost immediately after registering a new user, the social network TikTok begins to “bombard” him with content about self-harm and suicide. This is evidenced by the report of the Center for Combating digital hatred (CCDH).

CCDH researchers conducted an experiment. They have created eight accounts of fake users from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Each account data was collected within 30 minutes. Such a small period of time was chosen to understand how quickly the network begins to send recommendations to users.

Fake users created by researchers were supposedly thirteen years old. Within 2.6 minutes after the registration of social networks, she began to recommend suicidal content, as well as videos about eating disorders and self-harm. It is worth noting that all these videos had just an exorbitant number of likes and views.

CCDH CEO Imran Ahmed noted that network algorithms are constantly adapting, calculating user vulnerabilities.

However, TikTok itself does not agree with the results. They say they are eliminating videos that violate the platform’s policies and collaborating with psychologists.

Earlier it became known that the social network TikTok will increase the age limit, banning users under 18 years old from conducting live broadcasts on the platform.