The Taiwanese government is conducting an investigation, the object of which is the Chinese social network TikTok. She is suspected of illegally operating a subsidiary on the island.

This was reported by Reuters.

According to Taiwanese publication Liberty Times, the owner of TikTok, ByteDance, has set up a subsidiary on the island to advertise its own business. This is a direct violation of Taiwanese laws. The island’s law stipulates that Chinese social media platforms are prohibited from conducting commercial operations on the island.

A cabinet working group found that TikTok “performed cognitive operations” in Taiwan. Government officials also emphasize the high probability that the social network collects data for the Chinese government.

ByteDance rejects the allegations. They say that legal entities in Taiwan were not created, and they do not collect data for China.

Previously, US parliamentarians demanded a complete blocking of the social network. The reasons are almost the same — suspicion of espionage activities of the social network in favor of the Chinese government.