Apple has patented a unique keyboard for the MacBook. Its buttons will be decorated using built-in LEDs. Apple Insider reports .

According to the patent description, an array of LEDs will be built into each key. They are needed so that the desired letters or symbols are displayed on the keys according to the layout. In addition, it will be possible to display emoticons and program icons on the keyboard.

The key case will be made of aluminum – thanks to this, the buttons and the case will be decorated in the same style. This is not the first laptop with an aluminum keyboard from Apple. From 2001 to 2006, the company produced the PowerBook G4 model. It had a classic version of the backlight of the keys.

Earlier, two women sued a federal court in San Francisco against Apple Corporation. They claim that the company’s devices called the AirTag allegedly enabled their exes to track them and terrorize them.