The Apple chairman said on Twitter exactly which sensors are used in iPhone cameras. These are Sony image sensors. This tweet coincided with Cook’s visit to Sony’s camera development center in Japan’s Kumamoto, The Verge reports.

Such a statement by Tim Cook cannot be called sensational. The presence of Sony sensors in the iPhone has been repeatedly recorded during the disassembly of gadgets by companies like iFixit.

Less so, Apple has not released information about the suppliers of components used in its gadgets. The official website of the company indicated only the characteristics of the iPhone camera. Experts regard the “revelation” of Tim Cook as a kind of gratitude for the long cooperation with the Japanese.

Tim Cook noted that the company has been working with Sony for more than a decade to create the world’s best camera sensors for the iPhone. He also thanked Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshidi and his team for the opportunity to visit the center in Kumamoto.

Earlier, two women sued a federal court in San Francisco against Apple Corporation. They claim that the company’s devices, called the AirTag, allegedly enabled their exes to track them down and terrorize them.