Blogger Jerun Domburg has created a unique Christmas tree decoration for the New Year holidays. On it, he launched the popular game Doom. A related video appeared on YouTube.

The decoration created by Domburg is a tiny copy of a “desktop” computer from the 1980s. He built a tiny display and an ESP32 controller into it. Domburg used the port of the popular shooter for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance console.

The author of the strange decoration insists that the game can be launched not just in demo mode — according to him, it can really be played.

Throughout the existence of the video game, its fans managed to port it and run it on completely unintended devices. In particular, the game was launched on cameras, on an Apple Watch, on a printer screen, on a calculator, and even in the Notepad application on a computer.

Previously, Adafruit, a company specializing in the production of open source electronic devices, installed a tiny screen in the Milky Way chocolate bar with the 1993 Doom game launched.