Apple company patented a “smart” ring capable of tracking a person’s vital parameters. We are talking about pulse, saturation, pressure and other indicators, reports Patently Apple.

The U.S. Patent Office has released an Apple application that refers to a smart ring with sensors to track the user’s physical condition. Experts already note that the gadget can be an alternative to the Apple Watch.

According to the information provided in the application, the ring will have an OLED display, sensor sensors, pressure and motion sensors. Thanks to this, the device will respond to the movements and gestures of the owner.

So far, there is no information on when Apple plans to present the smart ring. Experts do not exclude the fact that The device will remain at the patent level in order not to “spray” the attention of buyers.

Earlier, two women sued a federal court in San Francisco against Apple Corporation. They claim that the company’s devices, called the AirTag, allegedly enabled their exes to track them down and terrorize them.