The Advisory Council on Trust and Security was dissolved on Twitter. It included members of about a hundred independent public, human rights and other organizations.

This is reported by the AP.

According to the publication, the dissolution of the council is stated in a letter from the Twitter administration. The council was concerned with combating hate speech, juvenile sexual exploitation, suicide, self-harm and other similar issues that arose on the platform.

According to the publication, the company’s management sent a notice of dissolution to the heads of the council a few hours before the meeting scheduled in advance. The letter, in particular, noted that the platform is currently “reviewing how information is processed” and does not consider the advisory board “the best institution to do so.” The letter also promised to turn the platform into a “safe and informative place.”

Recall that after his coming to the post of head of Twitter, Musk introduced “freedom of speech reforms.” In particular, he unlocked the accounting of the odious former US President Donald Trump.