Recently, news has regularly appeared in the media about the outrage of Twitter employees with the policies and behavior of the new head of the company, Elon Musk. However, Musk doesn’t seem to be the only one who “dope” his team.

Thus, the Business Insider portal reports on the massive dissatisfaction of Meta employees with its head Mark Zuckerberg. The company laments mass layoffs, an uncertain future and the boss’s “obsession” with the metaverse project, which does not seem to benefit the company.

On the Blind forum, employees complain that “Zuckerberg will personally destroy the company because of its metaverse.” There are complaints not only to the excessive attention of the head of the company to the project, but also to his management style as a whole. Employees also complain that the general direction in which the company is moving, in their opinion, is wrong.

Recall that the metaverse project from Meta has already really managed to be at the center of a scandal due to the dubious quality of the product.

Recall that after Zuckerberg’s first selfie from the metaverse, users wrote that Zuckerberg’s selfie seems much weaker than the graphics in a simulation game released a decade and a half ago.