Ukrainian entrepreneurs are used to using the products of the Russian company 1C, numerous intermediary companies were engaged in its sale and support in Ukraine, it was convenient and familiar. With the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the imposition of sanctions against Russian business, the Russians began to look for methods to circumvent sanctions in order to stay working in the Ukrainian market. And among other things, they even create products for Ukrainian military units. One of the methods of circumventing sanctions was the renaming of companies and products, working through offshores, replacing owners, creating new companies and products, but often Russian entrepreneurs made mistakes that allowed them to be identified. Molfar has made its own investigation on this topic, so let’s tell you which way to make a mistake chose 1C.

In 2018, the Russian company 1C founded the European development company BAS, the Union of Business Automators is supporting its customers, its members have licenses to sell both BAS and 1C products. Due to this, formally, neither BAS nor 1C work on the territory of Ukraine, and Ukrainian distributors are engaged in the distribution of Russian programs, as of March 2023, it is more than 300 companies and individual entrepreneurs.

The owner of BAS is Vadim Mazur, he is also the director of Skyline software, which until 2014 was called “1C Ukraine”. On LinkedIn, Mazur has not yet removed the position “director in 1C Ukraine” from the headline.

Vadym Mazur's LinkedIn account

Vadym Mazur’s LinkedIn account

This company was previously owned by two Russians, Ivan Klintsov and Anne Tsvetkova, and Russian legal entities 1C Excioner Society.

Owners of Skyline software

Owners of Skyline software

To circumvent sanctions, the Russians issued companies to work through offshore companies, but made several mistakes. In Ukraine, there is SE “Eurosoftprom“, which owns the rights to “1C: predpriyatie” and is under the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council for cooperation with Russia. The head of this company, Oleksandr Filipchenko, with Vadim Mazur, is listed as the head of the SAB (Union of Business Automators). Mazura Skyline Software is also engaged in servicing Eurosoft prom programs.

The domain and the trademark in Ukraine are registered on the Cyprus offshore “Ravi Innovation Limited” (previously called “Astolerem Investments Limited”), the company has the same address in Cyprus as the offshore Chemlero. And Chemlero, in turn, is the beneficiary of the State Enterprise “Eurosoftprom”.

Sanctions against Skyline Software

Sanctions against Skyline Software

In 2017, Vadym Mazur resented the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to impose sanctions against 1C Ukraine and argued that the company belongs to Ukrainians, stated that the programs had nothing to do with 1C in Moscow, because since the purchase of the rights of the state enterprise, 20 local releases of the program have been released.

We believe that an unfortunate error has occurred. About the Russian footprint – it’s all very tight, because our companies are Ukrainian.

Vadym Mazur

And in two months, Mazur registered the Union of Business Automators. In 2020 and 2021, Skyline Software was re-sanctioned until 2024.

Union of Business Automators - Owners

Union of Business Automators – Owners

Since 2018, the BAS trademark has been owned by the Polish company NetHelp Jarocki Piotr, which is managed by Polish citizen Piotr Jarocki, in 2008-2010 he worked as a developer in the Polish branch of 1C. As of 2020, the domain had the same Google analytics id (ua-54805322) as the domain. The trustee of “NetHelp Jarocki Piotr” in Ukraine is the “International Legal Group”.

The property rights to the “1C:Enterprise” program in Ukraine are owned by the Estonian company OU Molenari, whose authorized representative is the same “International Legal Group”. The founder of Molenari is the founder of the Lithuanian branch “1C: Andi” – Dmitrijs Muratovs.

Russian business in Ukraine

Russian 1C, even after the introduction of sanctions, continued to work in the Ukrainian market, selling its programs through several hundred intermediary companies. 1C successfully bypasses sanctions, and the company ALS was not even included in the sanctions lists, it continues to sell Russian programs and serve them. I note that 1C is a taxpayer in Russia. According to the laws, in order to work in the Russian market, a company must store the data of its users on local servers.

This means that the data that 1C and ALS programs for storage are also stored in Russia.

Otherwise, the company simply could not continue to work in the local market.

1C through intermediaries is very interested in working in the public sector. So, until 2018, there was a program with the long name “1C:Enterprise 8. Comprehensive accounting for budgetary institutions of Ukraine”. In 2018, Vadim Mazur, Alexey Shatalov (both from 1C), Igor Tregub and Alexey Ivashin created “UA-Budget”, which was actually the same product under a different name. The website of this program says:

Our software products work in more than 4000 budgetary institutions of Ukraine, which is a significant socio-economic effect.

But when this product was also included in the sanctions list, the Russians created the “Integrated Budget Systems“, which still operates under the guise of a Ukrainian brand. The company publishes educational videos on its own YouTube channel, and one of them is dedicated to servicing Ukrainian military enterprises.

How to replace 1C and BAS?

The question arises, how to keep accounting and accounting without Russian programs, to which many are accustomed, and are there any quality alternatives to them? Thus, Ukraine is developing its own high-quality software, which can and should replace Russian programs, in particular, 1C and BAS.

You can find the entire list of proven programs in this table, where the Russian SaaS business is first indicated, and after it the Ukrainian analogues are indicated.