Artificial intelligence and the services under which it is the basis can leave about 300 million people around the world without work. This is stated in the CNBC article with reference to the report of Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s most powerful banks in the world.

In particular, almost two-thirds of jobs in Europe and the United States can be automated, whether partially or completely. Artificial intelligence can “encroach” on specialties that require significant physical strength. Also at risk is the service sector and cleaning.

Nevertheless, office workers also should not relax. AI can replace workers engaged in accounting and administrative work.

In general, more than 18% of jobs around the world can be automated.

At the same time, AI can help create new professions, analysts say.

Previously, the new version of the chatbot with elements of GPT-4 AI has already decided on which professions it can replace in positions.