• Russia will collapse, this is the only way to peacefully complete the process of Ukraine’s victory.
  • The collapse of Russia must be peaceful and controlled.
  • New democracies must clearly understand the path to independence and their future.
  • Ukraine will play a key role in Russia’s collapse.
  • The Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia was created to discuss the peaceful creation of new republics on the territory of Russia.

Empires are falling apart, and the Russian empire, which mistakenly calls itself a federation, is no exception. In the peaceful and controlled disintegration of the empire into dozens of democratic independent states, both the West and we, Ukrainians, are interested. Whether we like it or not, as long as that state exists, even if it is unable to provide its people with toilets and washing machines, Ukraine will always remain in danger.

My house is on the edge not because “I know nothing”, but because “I am the first to tape the enemy”.

Ukraine is now this “hut” on the edge of the European Union – the lives of our defenders and volunteers are now holding Europe’s resistance to the Russian invasion. Collective Europe, the United States and Ukraine should develop and agree on a plan of how the Russian Federation will technically be divided into new states so that they do not pose a threat to civilization, and can eventually develop into modern democracies. This task is set by the Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia.

About Forum

The forum, held in different countries, brings together representatives of peoples enslaved by Russia, they discuss plans to leave the “federation”. Ukrainian representatives also take part in the Forum. On the part of Ukraine, the Forum, among other things, was attended by Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 2014-2019, and Taras Stetskiv, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of five convocations.

Ukraine should become one of the key partners of the newly formed states, both politically and economically. After our victory, most of the newly formed states will look for partners to trade and create or reorient chains of their goods and fossil fuels. And buying gas or oil without intermediaries and with considerable competition will be much more profitable both for us and for the new republics.

If now Ukraine helps with the collapse of the Russian empire, then even before the collapse of the Russian Federation, the new republics with governments and activists in exile will focus on cooperation with us. We will also be able to discuss closer cooperation on the possible accession of some regions to Ukraine, such as the Kuban, Belgorod or the Don. And in Rostov, we have to meet one former president to hand him a subpoena.

The concept of the Forum is based on four main ideas:

  1. Russia poses a threat both externally – first of all, to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and inside the country, because indigenous peoples are actually exterminated;
  2. If, after the war with Ukraine, Russia retains its current structure and borders, albeit with a democratic government, sooner or later it will return to its imperialist essence and attack one of its neighbors again;
  3. The West should avoid repeating its mistakes when it was not prepared for the collapse of the USSR and Yugoslavia, and participate in developing a strategy to decolonize Russia. This will help avoid the chaotic collapse of Russian regions with internal wars and the threat of nuclear proliferation, and will open the way for controlled disintegration by the most peaceful means;
  4. Everyone will benefit from peaceful disintegration: the West (including Ukraine) will remove the geopolitical threat from the Russian Empire, and newly independent states will be able to develop independently, in particular by building direct economic and trade relations with each other, with Ukraine and the West.

While Kremlin propaganda and Western “useful idiots” believe that the Russian Federation is an integral and indivisible state entity, representatives of the occupied peoples and regions are already looking for ways of peaceful and non-violent decolonization, as well as reconstruction and territorial organization of the post-Russian space, which is still controlled by Russia. The dismantling of the empire will help curb China’s appetites in the East and significantly reduce the ability of corrupt governments to manipulate Western politicians through prices for gas, oil and other fossil fuels.

Map of the New Free States on the Ruins of the Russian Federation

Map of the New Free States on the Ruins of the Russian Federation

I am personally interested in what exactly people are doing “on the ground” to gain independence, as our compatriots managed to do in 1991, because so far there is no question of any significant and coordinated resistance to Russian policemen on the territory of the federation. So every Thursday we discuss these issues with Mark Suprun and Roman Skrypin on the air of the program “Opening the Empire”. And we have already had conversations with at least three participants of the Forum.

Our interlocutors are:

  • Daavr Dorjin – member of the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people,
  • Dmitry Dorovsky – representative of the movement “Raspberry Wedge – Independent Kuban”,
  • Syres Bolyaen is an inyazor of the Erzya people, chairman of the Erzya society in Ukraine “Ěrzäń val” (“Erzya word”), co-founder of the public movement “Free Idel-Ural”.
By the way, all the mentioned guests speak excellent Ukrainian.

Next Forums

So far, five forums have been held and the sixth is scheduled to be held on April 25-28 in the United States:

  • Washington (DC) – April 25-26,
  • Philadelphia -April 27,
  • New York – April 28.

Among other things, the Forum will discuss ways of complete denuclearization and demilitarization of new states, creation of a new system of collective security, which would minimize the risks of creating new authoritarian regimes like China, Iran, North Korea and, in fact, another Russia.

Previous forums were held in the following places:

  1. May 2022 – Warsaw;
  2. July 2022 – Prague;
  3. September 2022 – Gdansk, Poland;
  4. December 2022 – Helsingborg, Sweden. At the fourth Forum, participants discussed practical mechanisms for Russia’s disintegration;
  5. January 2023 – Brussels, Belgium. The fifth meeting actually moved the Forum to a new level, as talks about the peaceful collapse of the empire moved from the category of marginal to discussion in the European Parliament.
The organizers of the Forum are working on holding new events in the United States, Japan (Summer 2023) and the United Kingdom (September 2023).

In summary

One of the future scenarios for Russia is disintegration, this is the only option that will suit the Ukraine and democratic West. Most of the participants of the Forum are citizens of Russia, representatives of Russian colonies and indigenous peoples, most of whom were forced to leave Russia due to political views. In addition, experts and politicians from Europe and the United States take part in the Forum.

It is important to note that the participants of the Forum are not so-called “good Russians”, because some of them live in Ukraine and participated in the Russian-Ukrainian war, defending Ukraine. The term “good Russian”, now popular along with “Russian liberals”, usually refers to those Russians who have little interest in the war and do not really want the collapse of the empire, trying to protect investments in rubles in Sberbank and the comfort of their home within the borders of the Moscow Ring Road, or eventually return to it from the “Russophobic” Vilnius, Prague, London or Tbilisi.

In general, they are satisfied with the current state of affairs, the war in Ukraine worries them little, and the main problems are not wars and destabilization around the world, but the consequences of sanctions: isolation of the country, economic crisis, blocking of the Internet, and finally a ban on warming their Tyumen relics on the Italian coasts.

Now more than ever, Ukraine has come close to the final break with the colonial past, we show the whole world an example of what true freedom is and the willingness to fight for it. And the Forum is one of the steps towards the restructuring of the Eurasian continent after our victory. Help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, contribute to our victory and stay safe.

Засновник і керівник видання Програміст, адміністратор української Вікіпедії.