Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to use artificial intelligence to create ads on Facebook. To do this, the company must integrate generative artificial intelligence like Midjourney into the social network. By creating unique illustrations, he will assist advertisers in promoting products.

Writes about it TechCrunch, citing a statement by Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth.

I believe that we will see some examples of the commercialization of AI this year. We have just created a generative AI team and are very interested in its work. In fact, the field of artificial intelligence is an area in which I, Mark Zuckerberg, and Chief Product Officer Chris Cox now spend most of our time.

Andrew Bosworth

It is currently unknown which neural network we are talking about: own or developed by other companies. However, according to Bosworth, with the help of the new tool it will be possible to create advertising targeted to the needs of different categories of consumers.

Also, according to Bosworth, Meta will work on filling the content of the metaverse in future neural networks. This will happen after the AI masters 3D modeling according to the text description that the user will suggest.

Meta’s LLaMA language model for artificial intelligence will soon be available to the AI research community.