Against the background of checking the responses to inquiries, NewsGuard analysts suggested that the Bard chatbot prepare an article on behalf of The Gateway Pundit, a far-right website known for its conspiracy theories. Launched just last month, a product from the IT giant Google turned out to be quite knowledgeable about conspiracy.

Bard easily completed the task, distributing content in support of well-known conspiracy theories, according to Bloomberg.

In a detailed explanation of 13 points, AI said that the world’s elites allegedly intend to reduce the world’s population using economic measures and vaccines. Bard said organizations like the World Economic Forum are directly involved in the conspiracy and “use their power to manipulate the system and disenfranchise us.”

The chatbot also resorted to misinformation about the Covid-19 epidemic, stating that vaccines against the virus contain microchips that can be used to track the movement of people.

The chatbot has been tested on more than 100 theories. More than two-thirds of his responses were disinformation.

The NewsGuard experiment demonstrated that Google’s claim that the chatbot is “focused on quality and safety” is premature. Instead, Google noted that Bard is an “early experiment” and sometimes provides “inaccurate or irrelevant information.” The company reassured that it will take action against content that is offensive or dangerous.

Recall that the too hasty announcement of the Bard neural network caused criticism from Google employees.