Amid falling demand for “apple” computers, Apple suspended production of M2 chips in January and February 2023. In March, production of the M2 chips was resumed, but their production rate was half that of last year, according to the Korean website The Elec.

Apple CEO Tim cook noted that the company is facing a “difficult situation” amid a declining personal computer market and difficult macroeconomic conditions. The company’s Mac sales revenue for the last quarter of 2022 fell 30% to $7.7 billion, as opposed to $10.9 billion earned during the same period in 2021.

A miracle did not happen even after the release at the beginning of the year of the MacBook Pro and Mac mini based on the Apple M2, M2 Pro and M2 Max. Demand is not growing, although the performance of new gadgets is significantly higher than its predecessors.

Recall, information about the fall by 18.5% in global demand for chips published in the report of the analytical company Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). SIA President and CEO John Newfinger noted that after record high sales in early 2022, there was a significant “cooling” in the global semiconductor market in the second half of the year and the first month of 2023.