A letter from Google and Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat has been released regarding a plan to cut costs amid long-term savings by improving speed and efficiency. Porat compared the current situation to the crisis of 2008 and announced the reduction of services for Google employees with a promise to maintain “the best perks and conveniences in the industry.”

It is reported by CNBC.

The letter refers to the cessation of updating laptops, PCs, and monitors to employees and “justifies” the frequency of equipment replacements. Non-engineering staff will now work on a Chromebook (a laptop running Google OS) instead of an Apple MacBook.

Google will not pay employees for the purchase of new smartphones if such gadgets are in stock. Accessories that are more expensive than $1,000 can only be purchased with the permission of the director.

The supply of staplers and tape is also reduced. They will be issued upon request. As for food, fitness, massage and transport services, they will be cut based on the fact that work schedules in some Google offices have been reduced from five to three days a week.

Keith Rabois, a well-known IT investor, made the imagination that thousands of employees at Meta and Google are not actually working and their hiring is not related to specific work projects.