Every third of the women surveyed uses a smartphone to monitor their partner. This is evidenced by the result of a survey on the forum BabyCenter, reports Apple Insider.

As it turned out, out of one thousand forum users who participated in the survey, every third of the women follows their other half. The tools of espionage are modern gadgets. Motivating the need for surveillance, women most often refer to the need to determine the time of return of the partner home, so as not to be late in cooking dinner, control over the schedule of meetings of children from school and safety.

There were those who do not monitor their partner because it violates their privacy. . Some women have enough information about the whereabouts of the other half received in a message or by phone.

Some of the women said in the comments that they were watching their own children for safety, while others considered the elderly age of their parents to be a reason for surveillance.

Recall that young Americans, the so-called generation of “zoomers”, prefer modern forms of communication. Therefore, most often opt for the iPhone.