The company Nothing, known as the manufacturer of transparent smartphones Phone (1), announced the production of its own branded beer. Information regarding the release of a limited collection of alcoholic beverage appeared on the official website of the company, with the postscript “this is not a joke”, according to Android Police.

In the description of the drink, it is noted that the company made a very good beer. A drink called “Beer (5.1%)” is presented as “unfiltered rice lager”. The Welsh brewery Freetime Beer Company participates in the collaboration. Connoisseurs of the drink will be able to taste the new brand at the end of 2023. As for the cost, it remains secret.

The founder of Nothing Technology Limited is Carl Pey, co-founder of OnePlus. The technology company entered the market in 2020. Among the products of her brand are known transparent smartphone Nothing Phone 1 and wireless headphones ear(1).

Earlier, Elon Musk and his company Tesla presented their own beer brand called GigaBier. It is packaged in Cybertruck-style bottles, resembling the shape of the company’s futuristic electric pickup.