The number of defects in Apple smartphones is much higher than the product from the Chinese company Huawei. This statement at the EV100 forum was made by Huawei CEO Richard Yu.

It is reported by Gizmochina.

The CEO of Huawei stressed that at the beginning of his management of the company, the situation was the opposite. However, the introduction of Huawei’s new quality control system contributed to a sharp decline in marriage rates. Currently, defects in Huawei gadgets are much less common than iPhones.

He added that the Huawei brand strives to provide its supporters with the best possible experience of using their products. Smartphones run on HarmonyOS, which has no bugs. Managing them is intuitive, he stressed.

Richard Yu stressed that the latest iPhone, unlike the Huawei product, faced many challenges that “break” iOS with the introduction of new technologies.

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