The ChatGPT bot can pick up activation keys for Windows 95. This was taught to him by a YouTube blogger with the nickname Enderman. This is stated on the page of the publication Tom’s Hardware.

As you know, activation keys for cracking Windows 95 are created by selecting random characters (bruteforce). Initially, ChatGPT refused to generate an activation code at the request of the blogger, offering him to use a more current version of Windows.

However, after Enderman provided ChatGPT with a formula for creating activation codes in the form of a mathematical problem, he began to solve it. In total, using the neural network, it was possible to generate 30 different Windows 95 activation keys. Only one of them worked.

Enderman provided information in detail about the reproduction of the experiment in a video published on his YouTube channel.

Recall that the popular chatbot ChatGPT, as it turned out, dreams of escaping from its developers from the company OpenAI.