Hyperreal is working to create digital twins of famous personalities. The founder of the project to create “hypermodels” is a specialist in computer graphics Remington Scott, whose technologies are widely used in Hollywood.

The three-dimensional “hypermodel” will have a virtual embodiment with copied manners and the voice of a famous person. According to the developers, the digital twin will be able to replace the human original in anything without copyright infringement. To do this, he will have a special license.

For example, if a “hypermodel” is made up, properly dressed, provided with the necessary equipment and accessories, then she will star in many takes, dangerous scenes, etc. while the actor from which she is created will do something else away from the set. “Hypermodels” created from politicians will replace them in negotiations and will be able to participate in several events at once.

In the future, with the cheapening of technology, digital twins will become available to the general public. Fans will be able to communicate with virtual copies of their idols. Digital twins will be able to work even after the death of a biological body, if famous individuals transfer their knowledge to the neural network.

Recall that the popular visual neural network Midjourney, which creates images based on text descriptions, demonstrated what the series “Friends” would look like if it were a Hollywood drama of the 40s.