Recently, the United States has seen an increase in demand for push-button phones. Device manufacturers claim that this is provoked by demand among young people. The generation of “zoomers” is tired of the large Internet load, according to CNBC.

With push-button phone models, American youth hopes to minimize dependence on modern iPhones and Android smartphones. This is confirmed by HMD Global. They claim that the growth in demand for push-button phones from the Nokia brand occurred last year and does not stop until now. The company sells tens of thousands of push-button devices every month.

Instead, analysts are more restrained in their assessments. According to their observation, the demand for push-button phones in the United States remains stable at the moment. However, in the coming years, they predict a surge in demand of up to 5% amid users’ concerns about their health.

Recall that in Russia the demand for push-button “dialers” with a minimum of functions is rapidly growing . Experts believe that this is due to the refusal of the largest smartphone manufacturers to supply gadgets to the aggressor country.