The Italian Data Protection Authority announced the launch of an investigation into OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. The reason is a suspicion of violation of the rules of data collection and processing. At the time of verification, access to the chatbot was closed, according to Reuters.

According to the agency, on March 20, ChatGPT violated the privacy of user chat data and payment information of people who purchased a paid version of the chatbot. The regulator also notes that there is no legal framework that would allow for the mass collection and storage of personal data to “train” the algorithms responsible for the functioning of the platform.

Italians also emphasize the lack of a filter for checking the age of users of the service, although formally it is intended only for those who have already reached the age of 13.

OpenAI now has 20 days to respond to the order and fix the deficiencies. If this is not done, she will have to pay a fine.

Recall, software developer Yo Kyung-myung launched ChatGPT on a computer in 1984.