The largest plant in central Norway, producing artillery shells, faced the impossibility of expanding production. According to Nammo CEO Morten Brandzeg, all surplus electricity in the region is used to build a new TikTok data center.

This is reported by The Guardian.

Due to the lack of free capacity in the power grid, the Nammo plant is not able to increase the production of ammunition, which Ukraine needs so much. Currently, according to Brandzeg, the demand for ammunition is 15 times higher than normal. According to experts, the use of shells in Ukraine reaches 6-7 thousand per day. To meet the deficit, European producers need to invest up to €2 billion in new capacity.

Morten Brandzeg noted that the expansion of the company’s largest plant is hampered by TikTok’s ambitious plans. The social network is trying to maintain its position amid a massive ban around the world.

The lack of capacity in the grid was confirmed by local electricity supplier Elvia, adding that all capacities were directed to the data center. Now it takes some time to build them up.