To install ChatGPT, software developer Yo Kyung-myung used a 1984 computer. He told about the creation of a special client ChatGPT for the MS-DOS operating system in his blog, where he confirmed its successful launch.

As the device for using ChatGPT, the enthusiast chose the IBM 5155 running MS-DOS 6.22. It has 640KB RAM and an Intel 8088 processor clocked at 4.77MHz. When creating the client, the C programming language and the Open Watcom compiler were used.

Among the difficulties that stood in the way of launching ChatGPT on old equipment, Yo Khung-Man called the lack of built-in networking capabilities on MS-DOS OS. However, he successfully overcame them and launched the client by connecting the computer to the network.

Currently, ChatGPT accepts and executes user requests directly from the command line.

Recall, Professor at Stanford University Michal Kosinski, a specialist in the study of the behavior of artificial intelligence, sounds the alarm. The popular chatbot ChatGPT, as it turned out, dreams of escaping from its developers from the company OpenAI.