Anglo-Canadian computer scientist Jeffrey Hinton, who is considered the “godfather of artificial intelligence” warns of the dangers of uncontrolled development of AI. Writes about it New York Post.

Hinton emphasizes that the advent of AI in its significance is commensurate with the invention of the wheel or electricity. According to him, AI is developing much faster than ordinary citizens imagine. Soon, he said, computers can learn to generate their own ideas in order to improve their productivity. If this process is not controlled, it can lead to unpredictable consequences, the scientist warns.

According to him, there will be no catastrophe in the next year or two, but now we need to worry about it.

He also did not rule out the possibility that AI could completely destroy humanity.

Recall, one of the founders of Microsoft Bill Gates considers the most revolutionary achievement in the technological field over the past half century to create a model of artificial intelligence GPT from the startup OpenAI.