Apple employees, who were previously very optimistic about the brand’s upcoming AR headset, now doubt that the gadget will be successful. It is reported by the New York Times.

NYT journalists talked to employees of the “apple” corporation and say that they are very skeptical about the novelty. In particular, the most doubtful is the excessively high price of the gadget, which can be at least three thousand dollars. Also, questions remain regarding the scenarios of using new items. In other words, the purpose of the new headset is not yet entirely clear.

The publication notes that skepticism about the AR headset has already led to the fact that several top managers left the company, in particular, former chief designer Johnny Ive and his successor Evans Hankey.

Recall, Apple plans to create AR-glasses in which you can walk throughout the day. Such a gadget will be able to replace users with both a smartphone and a laptop.