The head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk left the board of directors of the startup he founded OpenAI in 2018 not because of a conflict of interest with Tesla, as previously reported. This was actually caused by the failure that befell his attempt to take full control of the company. It is reported by Semafor, citing sources secretive in the situation.

Musk told his co-founder Sam Altman in early 2018 that OpenAI was inferior to Google’s pace. He offered to lead OpenAI, but Altman and other co-founders declined. Musk became enraged and left the board, cutting off further funding for the project.

After leaving OpenAI, Musk began to openly criticize the company.

The official version, once announced in the OpenAI blog: Musk decided to leave the startup to prevent a potential future conflict of interest, because Tesla was also engaged in the development of artificial intelligence.

Earlier, Chinese tech giant Baidu announced the completion of testing its own ai-powered chatbot. It was named Ernie Bot and is an analogue of ChatGPT.