The Taiwanese company Acer presented a “smart” electric bike Ebii with a high-level security system controlled by artificial intelligence.

The drive transmission is carried out using an AI algorithm that processes information from collision avoidance sensors and builds a safe route. The Ebii is equipped with a high-level security system that can automatically lock the wheels in the absence of the owner and all the functions of the bike during theft. The location of Ebii in case of theft is determined by a GPS tracker, which tracks it in constant mode.

Thanks to the 460 Wh battery battery, the Ebii autonomous path is up to 110 km at speeds up to 25 km / h. The weight of an electric bike is 16 kg.

The cost of Ebii, according to experts, will start from $1.5-2 thousand.

We will remind, earlier Acer presented an exercise bike that will allow you to do physical exercises while working at the computer.