The hybrid car was tested by the Chinese machine building company XPeng. According to the developers, a car with a station wagon type should drive on the roads and fly. Information about the test was disseminated by the publication Gizmochina. In its article, the publication refers to the publication of the Chinese autoblogger in the social network Weibo.

The video shows the take-off of a car. It has a chassis with wheels and four huge propellers on the roof that accelerate before takeoff within a minute. Taking off, the car hovers at a height of several meters, swaying. Then she flies forward a little and, without turning around, turns back and awkwardly sits down.

The company-developer of the flying car aimed to reduce congestion on highways and reduce noise in metropolitan areas. However, the invention coped with its task rather poorly, Gizmochina notes. Its screws are very loud, and the air flows created by them are so powerful that they bend tree branches.

Surely a flying car needs significant refinement. When it may hit the market is not yet reported.

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