The new version of the chatbot with elements of GPT-4 AI has already decided on what professions it can replace in positions. A list of 20 existing professions that are now exclusively “human” was published on Twitter by The Rundown AI journalist Rowen Chung.

The author of the newsletter dedicated to AI sent a request to GPT-4 with a request to create a table with a list of professions and characteristics of people whose job responsibilities he will take over.

GPT-4 listed occupations such as translator, tutor, data entry specialist, support representative, proofreader, legal assistant, accountant, and copywriter.

In addition, representatives of such professions as market research analyst, social media manager, meeting planner, telemarketer, virtual assistant, transcriptionist (audio to text) and reporter should strain.

And the last five professions on the chatbot list are: travel agent, technical support analyst, email analyst, content moderator, and recruiter.

In the comments to the tweet, social network users agree with the chatbot list. In their opinion, AI can replace only those professions that do not require maximum accuracy and on which human life does not depend.

Recall, against the background of a large wave of cuts affecting 10 thousand. employees, Microsoft got rid of the ethics team in full. It is known that the dismissed employees belonged to the unit responsible for the development of products in the field of artificial intelligence.