The issue of selling the TikTok service in the United States has regained relevance amid the demand of President Joe Biden’s administration to sell or completely block the social network in the country. TikTok is considering options for selling the American “daughter” and exploring possible deals.

This is with reference to its own source, reports New York Post.

The tabloid recalls that the Chinese social network TikTok first faced the requirement to remove the application from the United States back in 2020. Then-President Donald Trump threatened to ban the app.

Currently, the source does not disclose information about potential buyers of the application. However, in 2020, there was talk of the possibility of TikTok working with Oracle, as well as retailer Walmart. It is these companies that have expressed their readiness to take control of a subsidiary of TikTok subject to signing an agreement in the States.

According to the publication, the American authorities fear that the private data of citizens of the country may be transferred to a Chinese company.

Earlier, Canadian civil servants were banned from using TikTok on all service devices. This is due to vulnerability to cyberattacks. Also, the requirement to ban the use of the social network TikTok was received by employees of the European Commission. The US Congress has also endorsed a bill to ban TikTok. Following the members of parliament, the Chinese social network TikTok was banned from the Ministry of Defense and the office of the Prime Minister of Denmark.