Swiss real estate investment fund Digital Realty will use the Anybotics Anymal robot to regularly patrol the Data Center. Information about this is published on DataCenterDynamics.

The patrol officer will check the territory of the structure for compliance with more than 70 parameters. Communication with sensors and operators will be carried out using Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE. The robot is equipped with cameras with a zoom connection, has a thermal imager, a microphone and an on-board computer.

Moving through the building, Anymal will carry out a visual inspection, notify about places of overheating or vibration of equipment, etc. Thanks to the LED backlight, it can patrol the data center around the clock.

At the same time, Anybotics emphasizes, a worker is not able to replace a person. He only acts as an assistant, providing the data center staff with the necessary data.

To recap, Xiaomi unveiled at MWC 2023 the CyberDog robot and the humanoid CyberOne.