OpenAI has released the latest iteration of artificial intelligence (AI) GPT-4.

Currently, the ChatGPT chatbot runs on the GPT-3.5 generation. His main skill is to read and respond. New GPT-4 is endowed with the ability to generate text from input images. In other words, you can now recognize text from scanned images.

The developers of OpenAI claim that the new generation of AI is as effective as a human, judging by the results of professional and academic texts. Also, according to representatives of OpenAI, the system has become much more productive and surpasses all other modern large language models.

GPT-4 will be available for both ChatGPT and API. Access can be accessed by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus. Access to the API for the new model will be provided via a waitlist.

Interestingly, the new model is 82% less likely to answer questions that can be regarded as illegal compared to GPT-3.5.