Apple Corporation forms a plan to diversify production and gradually transfer capacities from China to other countries. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources aware of the situation.

The publication notes that Apple faced the urgency of diversification during the presidency of Donald trump. It was then that trade tensions between the United States and China worsened.

One of the sources said that while Apple CEO Tim cook was settling the situation in Beijing, corporate executives were already engaged in developing ties with other countries. The search for ways to reduce dependence on the Asian country intensified during the pandemic.

The article reports that Apple is focusing on India, where iPhones and accessories will be produced. Vietnam is seen as a gathering place for AirPods and Macs. In Malaysia will deploy additional production of Mac, and Ireland — some simpler gadgets.

Also, according to sources, measures are being taken to find additional components and locations for production lines outside China for new products to be released in 2024.

In addition, Apple is trying to reduce dependence on Taiwanese manufacturers. We are talking about TSMC, a giant that produces chips for the corporation.

Instead, Apple is concerned about retaliatory measures from China. The PRC may resort to them against the background transfer of too much capacity outside the Middle Kingdom or rapid actions by the corporation, one of the sources notes.

Earlier we reported that for the first time in the last three years, Apple CEO Tim cook visited China and expressed admiration for the relationship between the American corporation and China.