Google CEO Sundar Pichai decided to start implementing the Bard artificial intelligence chatbot in everyday life by his own example. The billionaire invited him to join in planning a party on the occasion of his father’s 80th anniversary.

He told about this in the podcast Hard Fork newspaper The New York Times.

I believe that the area where AI is most powerful is the answers to questions. I asked the chatbot, what should I do for my father on his 80th birthday? Bard replied that I should make a family photo album myself. It’s not even an unexpected answer, it’s that it stimulates my own imagination.

Sundar Pichai

The billionaire noted that the chatbot is best aware of two categories. The first is a question about something joyful or creative, and the second is a knowledge question where the user has the experience to analyze the answer.

Pichai said that he first tested AI two years ago, and had an “alarming” experience with the program. He explained that it was about real emotions that gripped him from communicating with a virtual interlocutor.

Recall that launched only last month to the general public the product of the IT giant Google chatbot Bard turned out to be quite knowledgeable in conspiracy.