From the search giant Google secretly resigned former top manager Microsoft Phil Harrison. He has worked with the corporation, where he subsequently headed the gaming division of Stadia, since January 2018.

It is reported by Business Insider, citing its own sources.

Journalists of the publication associate the dismissal of Phil Harrison from Google precisely with the closure of the cloud gaming service Stadia.

At one time, Harrison worked in the gaming division of Sony Computer Entertainment, as well as in the European division of Microsoft Xbox. For some of the fans of game consoles, the migration of a manager from company to company does not cause delight. Apparently, this is due to the “console wars” between Sony and Microsoft that took place in the late 2000s and early 2010s. At that time, companies competed for dominance in the international market.

Recall, the gaming division of Stadia worked for 14 months as a beta version. The project was not in great demand. The company abandoned its own development studios and in the fall of 2022 announced the discontinuation of the game streaming service Stadia.