As part of the NGV Triennial, which will open on December 3 at the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Austria), the project of Polish artist Agnieszki Pilate will start. Three robots from Boston Dynamics will paint pictures.

It is reported by the Guardian.

The initiator of the project will teach for four months to draw pictures of “doggies” named Basya, Bonnie and Archie.

The artist compares the “creativity” of robodogs with drawings of children created with fingers, and warns against concerns about artificial intelligence. She believes that interacting with new technologies is “the responsibility of artists.”

“Doggies” will be programmed to execute a number of commands that they will execute at their discretion. They will create on an acrylic polished canvas attached to the wall using oil paint sticks.

We will remind, the American robotics company Boston Dynamics, along with five other leading representatives of the industry, announced that it prohibits the creation of weapons based on their robots.