OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot has demonstrated a new facet of its boundless talents. This time, he accused American law professor Jonathan Turley of sexual harassment. It is reported by The Washington Post.

The neural network wrote a story that during a trip with a class to Alaska, Turley made obscene remarks about one of the students and also tried to touch him. At the same time, the chatbot referred to an allegedly existing article in The Washington Post from March 2018.

The fact that he, it turns out, allowed himself indecent behavior, Turley learned from his fellow lawyer from California. He had fun asking the chatbot various questions and asked the neural network which lawyers accused of harassment were known to her. Among others, the chatbot called Turley.

The professor did not wait until the scandal broke out and turned to The Washington Post. He said that he did not harass his students, and did not go to Alaska. Moreover, the article in which this would be discussed and referred to by the chatbot does not exist in nature.

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