Against the background of network security control, the US Department of Commerce is considering the possibility of applying restrictive measures against the Russian company Kaspersky Lab. The product of the Russian developer is dangerous for US users. In March of this year, Kaspersky Lab was included in the list of potential threats to the country’s national security.

It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the issue of applying measures against the Russian company intensified after a long lull. So far, specific measures have not been decided.

However, the country’s laws provide an immediate ban on certain programs and applications that could pose a risk to American users. This includes espionage and disinformation by potentially hostile countries, such as Russia or China.

According to media reports, earlier the Biden administration has already demanded from the Treasury Department the imposition of sanctions against the company. However, then the department did not take such a step.

To recap, the against the backdrop of the war launched by Russia against Ukraine, the administration of US President Joe Biden has stepped up its investigation into a possible threat to national security, the object of which is the Russian software of Kaspersky Lab JSC.