The creator of the world’s first mobile phone Martin Cooper is still “fanatic” of new technologies. About the crazy passion of the 94-year-old engineer learned portal Gizchina.

Cooper said that now he is no longer able to master modern smartphones at the level of his own grandchildren. However, he allows himself to buy a new iPhone model every year. He also uses his Apple Watch smartwatch daily.

The engineer noted that he could not understand the abundance of various mobile applications. Therefore, he uses the smartphone exclusively for calls and SMS messages.

Interestingly, the “godfather” of the mobile phone also went down in history as the first to call from it. This happened on April 3, 1973. Martin Cooper made a call from a “personal portable phone” Motorola DynaTAC weighing 800 grams to an employee of rival firm AT&T Bell Laboratories. It was his triumph.