Apple has filed an application with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office for its new invention. We are talking about a facial recognition system for smart HomePod speakers.

Information about this appeared on the pages of GizmoChina.

A schematic image of a HomePod with a video camera is presented in the drawings for the application. From the description it says that the purpose of the camera is not video communication, but the identification of the person giving commands to the device.

The presented system, according to the publication, will help improve human interaction with the “smart” home. This will happen if the house has several identical speakers. The point is that thanks to the cameras, the commands of the user of the “smart” home will be executed exactly in the city where it is currently located. So, the light will turn on exactly in the room where there is a user, and not immediately in the whole house.

According to GizmoChina, such a seemingly insignificant detail will allow the HomePod to take a better position in the smart speaker market.

We previously reported that Apple plans to launch a fully updated version of the HomePod smart speaker with a built-in display.