In the New Zealand company W2 started production of a futuristic motorhome, called Romotow T8. This happened five years after the presentation of the camper, according to Carscoops.

The main feature of the motorhome is the inner section, which can rotate 90 degrees. This gives the camper a resemblance to a flash drive. In the “unfolded” state, the Romotow T8 has an “enclosed” space from the bedroom and other rooms and an “open” space for outdoor recreation.

Instead, some users are skeptical about the camper’s design. They note that the design in the “unfolded” form will require a lot of space. Such a structure cannot be deployed in the parking lot for motorhomes.

To saturate Romotow T8 with energy, a lithium battery with a capacity of 200 A per hour is used. The solar panels from which it is charged are installed on the roof of the camper.

Currently, the user is offered various options for construction. The basic version of the camper costs $268 thousand. For a fee, the Romotow T8 will have street projectors. It is also possible to choose the most convenient bed for the user.

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