What movie to watch with friends? Who is nominated for the Oscars 2018? Which series to choose? What’s going to the movies today? Where to watch films in Ukrainian? Is Shape of Water worth watching?

The author of the Kinoman channel has collected 10 of the most interesting Ukrainian-language websites, applications, channels and pages about cinema that will help in any situation. Answers to questions are guaranteed!

Where to watch movies in Ukrainian?


The possibilities offered by the site to movie lovers are almost endless. Here you will find posters of premieres, information about cinemas in different cities of Ukraine with schedules of screenings, articles, ratings and much more. You can describe Kino-Teatr.ua in one word “film base”. And although the design of the site leaves much to be desired, viewers will appreciate the site for the opportunity to answer any question of a moviegoer.


Probably, most readers interested in this selection are familiar with Tony Stark’s constant assistant named “Jarvis” — a multifunctional artificial intelligence with a great sense of humor. The name of this character was just received by our next service – a convenient assistant in choosing films for any mood.

The creators of the service guarantee that all films shown by the service at your request can be watched with Ukrainian dubbing. In addition, Jarvis will create a query for you with the name of the selected movie and redirect you to Google search. For registered users, the site offers several additional features, including saving and rating movies.


The largest English-language torrent tracker needs no unnecessary introduction. The main idea of the creators of the site was to unite Ukrainian culture and information exchange on one site without annoying advertising. Today, the site’s team devotes its work entirely to the Ukrainian-speaking audience — translates and professionally voices films, series, cartoons and, of course, opens access to Ukrainian-language cinema for viewers.

Arthouse Traffic

The official website of the first Ukrainian distributor of art cinema will become an indispensable source of information for lovers of author’s cinema. Festival screenings, new releases and reviews of premieres of “non-popcorn” films are constantly updated, so you can keep pace with the art house in Ukraine.

Do you want to bring the beautiful to the masses? Join the Arthouse Club and organize non-commercial shows and festivals in your city, read more on the website.


Probably, the only Ukrainian-language site that offers so much information of different shapes and sizes about cinema. See for yourself! News of cinema and star life, trailers and upcoming premieres, Oscar and IMDb ratings (and the best TV series, and the best films and cartoons), films and series online (by genre), cartoons online (by duration), documentary films online.

There is no personal account for site users, as well as the opportunity to download movies, however, I think, among this variety of sections, everyone can choose something interesting to their own taste.


Unlike the previous website, UA-Cinema can be called a classic portal “online for free without registration”. On the film’s page, the viewer can find out the basic information, synopsis, cast, as well as view the trailer.

However, the creators of UA-Cinema still managed to stand out from other similar sites thanks to thematic selections, for example, such as Disney and Marvel films about time travel and the end of the world. Classic filters by rating, date, comments, and views are also at your service.

Moviegoers squad

The author of the young YouTube channel “Cinema Squad” Vitaliy Gordienko reviews Ukrainian and world premieres, reports from festivals and various TOPs. In the description of the channel you will find a sincere warning about “subjective and useless criticism of films.” And although the author really expresses mostly his own impressions of the premieres watched, it is difficult to call his videos “unnecessary” — in less than a year of the channel’s existence, he has already found his audience.

About Ukrainian cinema

The Facebook page is dedicated to Ukrainian cinema and created, as indicated in the description, by an anonymous “fan”. The author publishes his own posts and collects news about the national film industry from completely different sources – pages of public and cultural figures, media resources.

Geek Journal

Cinema lover Tyler Anderson has been running an author’s YouTube channel since 2016. Its army of viewers already exceeds 10,000 subscribers. In working on the video, in particular with the preparation of scripts and editing, the guy is helped by a faithful companion Juliana.

As the author himself describes the channel, “here you will find a lot of things: criticism, reviews, theories, analysis of trailers and much more.”

On Geek Journal you will find reviews not only of popular rental films, but also of Ukrainian cinema and comics (the status of “geek” must be earned). Tyler very lively and with a significant amount of humor shares his impressions of premieres and news from the world of cinema, avoids spoilers and tries to please his subscribers with new videos every week.


And our selection ends with a Ukrainian-language Telegram channel dedicated to world and Ukrainian cinema. Every day, the author selects news from the world of cinema and the latest trailers so that readers spend a minimum of time and receive maximum interesting information.

Also among the posts you will find thematic selections dedicated, for example, to Oscar nominees and Marvel premieres, and weekly reviews of premieres will tell you about new products in Ukraine.