You have been using WhatsApp for a long time, but you still do not know everything about it? This is easy to fix. Here are the questions that are often asked by their support team and they are tired of answering them.

How do I know if my message has been read

In your message list, there are green checkmarks next to your chats. One appears next to the message a second after sending. This means that the message has been successfully delivered to the WhatsApp server. The second green check mark means that the application on the recipient’s phone is connected to the server and successfully received your message.

Уведомлени о прочтении WhatsApp

Important: Two green checkmarks next to a message indicate that it has been delivered to the recipient’s phone, but do not mean that it has been read. Or that he was understood.

Well, if you send messages to a group chat, delivery notifications will not be displayed on the phone.

Why can’t I see when I last visited my contacts

If you activate the “nobody” feature and don’t want to show others your online status, you won’t be able to see when they were last online. To see the status of “online” or “was online”, you will have to disable the service “nobody”.

If this concerns a specific subscriber, then you can be banned from him in the contact list. Don’t worry and read on to find out if this is the case.

The other person has read the message, but there is no read report

It happens that you have read a message, but you will not see a report about it. This may be the case if the other person is using push notifications for WhatsApp. If he sees the text on the lock screen, but if he does not unlock the phone, then it will remain “unread”.

If the message is long, only part of the message appears. Most often this happens on the iPhone.

If two blue checkmarks appear next to the message, find out what it means.

If I block someone, will they know?

Surely he will not be able to find out. However, you can send him a link to this post and he will read the next paragraph. But even then he probably won’t know. So the answer is no.

If you see a service that offers you to read someone else’s correspondence on WhatsApp via SMS or for free, run away. This is a scam, and the more SMS, the more you are not a sucker.

How do I know if I’m blocked by someone else?

You can find out for sure only by looking at the interlocutor’s phone. However, if he blocked you, this can be a good reason not to give you the phone. There are several signs that may indicate that you are blocked:

  • The profile photo of the person with the other person is not updated
  • There is no delivery notification on his phone
  • The subscriber’s online status is not visible (“online” or when was the last time he was online)

These three options are likely to indicate either that you are tired of someone and blocked, or the user demolished the program and does not use it.

I also reply to you to read about how Palestinian hackers hacked the WhatsApp website.

Why is WhatsApp not working in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan, sending and receiving media files through vatsap has not always been working lately. Take it with humor. Try not to be surprised.

What are free calls

WhatsApp can now be called, read more in this article.

No one knows what free WhatsApp calls are because they are not there. To call for free, you can use Viber or Line. In extreme cases, Skype. Wattsap only has a voice messaging function.

How to read WhatsApp messages

Jealous boys and girls can save themselves some time and read the last point: it is impossible to find out with whom a person is chatting on WhatsApp. Anyway, not having his phone in his hands.

If you really want to track the correspondence of your boyfriend or girlfriend in WhatsApp, become a programmer, learn C# and XMPP, write a traffic interceptor for wi-fi, get a good job, start respecting yourself. And then find yourself another guy / girl you can trust.

Does WhatsApp have an API

There is no access for third-party applications, and hence alternative clients. After buying it by Facebook, the chances for an api to appear became even less.

It seems that WhatsApp security is receiving a lot of attention. Although their software is often criticized, we must pay tribute: holes in it “patch” faster than in OpenSSL.

How to hack whatsapp

No way, and here’s why: WhatsApp does not have open authorization by login / password, the system uses the XMPP protocol. Theoretically, it can be broken (and some have already done it successfully), but all the holes are patched in time, so social engineering is to your aid.

I wrote about WhatsApp hacking by a Dutch student earlier.

The easiest way to read someone else’s message is to ask you to read it or trick you into accessing it. As Kevin Mitnick once did.

Better yet, spend time on something good. Read less news and more books.

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