Once upon a time, to leave Instagram, it was enough just to open the application settings on your phone and click “Delete Instagram account”. I used this nice feature and got half an hour of free time a day :).

In the next update, this function was removed from the application settings. Instead, two new ones were added: temporarily block the account and delete the account permanently. I will tell you about each of them in more detail.

How to temporarily block Instagram account

If you choose to temporarily block your account, all your settings, photos, comments and likes will become hidden, but will not disappear and will be available to you again when you decide to activate your account.

What you need to temporarily block your Instagram:

  1. Log in to your instagram.com account from a mobile browser or computer. You won’t be able to block an account from the Instagram application.
  2. Click on your nickname in the upper right corner of the screen and select Edit Profile.
  3. Click Temporarily disable my Instagram account in the lower right and follow the instructions.

To block your account, you must first sign in. If you cannot log in, you will first need to recover your password.

If you want your account to become hidden, you can not block it, but make it private or ban unpleasant people.

How to permanently delete an account on Instagram

Note: if you delete your account, then your account, photos, videos, comments, likes and list of followers will be deleted without the possibility of recovery.

Deleting an account in the application on your phone will not work, therefore, as for temporary blocking, you will have to go to the Instagram website through a mobile browser or from a computer.

After that, open the removal page and follow the instructions. After answering silly questions, your account will be permanently deleted.

Don’t forget: once your account is deleted, anyone can sign up under your past name. The deleted account cannot be restored.

Good luck to you and more free time from social networks :)

Upd 2018-09-18: translated into Ukrainian.