What is Viber

Viber (Viber, Viber, Vibra) is a mobile application that allows you to call and send text messages to other users of this messenger for free. You can use it via wifi or mobile Internet. Viber has a fairly high sound quality. There are no restrictions on the number of messages sent or received, as well as on the duration of conversations.

Payment, as usual, can only be made for the use of mobile Internet or paid calls.

A bit of history

Viber began its history on December 2, 2010, it was founded by Israelis Talmon Marko and Igor Magazinnik. The first version of the application worked only on the iPhone and had a limit of 50 thousand rubles. Users. In January 2014, Viber was bought by the Japanese company Rakuten for $ 900 million.

Compare that to the $19 billion that Facebook paid for WhatsApp this year and be surprised how we did it.

In early 2014, Viber had 300 million active users.

Viber on computer

Who develops Viber

Until 2014, Viber was developed in Minsk, Brest and Cyprus. It is unknown where it is now, but it is likely that in Japan. In any case, the Minsk viber office on Foursquare is marked as closed.

Viber on Foursquare

What platforms does it work on

It’s easy to learn. If you have Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia or Bada (a sad operating system from Samsung), then we can confidently say that Viber will work for you. You can also use the program on a computer running MAC or Windows.

You can download all versions of the program on the official website.

How to use Viber?

Working with the application is obscenely simple: the account is tied to your mobile phone. When registering, you specify your number, receive an SMS with a confirmation code on it and after that the account is activated. In the contact list of the application, you will see a list of people from your phone book who also use Viber, as well as everyone else in the general list who can be called via ViberOut.

If you install Viber on your computer, notifications will come both to it and to the phone.

Как пользоваться Viber

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Is there advertising in Viber

Previously, there was no advertising. As promised by the developers, “never will”, but since 2017, an annoying banner has been displayed in the lower left corner.

Where to download Viber in Ukrainian or Russian

Never use third-party sites, there is an official page for this. I already wrote where you can download Viber using direct links, there I posted links to official versions directly to the developers’ website and explained why it is important to use only official releases.

The program is available in 28 languages and works on all popular devices.

What is Viber Out?

Viber Out is a service that allows you to call from Viber to regular landline and mobile phones in any country. The service is positioned as very cheap, but the tariffs are the same as for Skype calls. It allows you to call mobile and city Viber both from mobile applications and from computer programs.

To pay Viber Out, you can pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

Viber and Egypt

The Egyptian authorities do not like the program with Israeli roots and prohibits its use by their military, and at the same time their family members. However, local sites willingly share instructions on how to bypass the “protection”.

What are stickers?

Funny (sometimes not) stickers with which you can convey emotions.

Here I wrote how to download and use stickers for android and for iPhone.

Why do we need stickers? Let me give you an example: suppose you want to say: “I absolutely agree with your statement that we have nothing to discuss. Moreover, such criteria for evaluating communication are always inherent in those individuals from whom one can hardly expect an adequate assessment of the interlocutor. But instead, you send this raccoon (fox?):

Stickers in Viber

Public chats in Viber

Public chats appeared on November 24, 2014. This is a place where one or more people have the ability to write comments and (unlike a group chat) anyone can read it. Readers of public chat rooms can see them in their news feed, but can neither write there nor edit.

Public chats are analogues of Viber-based Twitter. Yes, it sounds weird, it looks the same:

Public chat in Viber

For those who do not know what Instagram or Twitter is, Viber made such a video that talks about “new” chips.

Comparison with competitors

In this table, you can easily compare Viber with the main competitors: WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and Line.

Viber WhatsApp Telegram Line Skype
Free chat rooms + + + + +
Calls + + + +
Calls to regular phones + +
Web version + + +
Mobile version + + + + +
Desktop version + + + +
Update 2015-08-17: added links to articles about stickers and where to download Viber.

2015-08-09: Skype now has a web version.

2015-07-25: Skype added to comparison table.

2015-04-07, WhatsApp introduced calls and a web version.

2019-04-10: Telegram calls added

In summary

Viber is a good thing that dilutes the world of mobile messengers. Differs very scary stickers, good quality of communication and calls. On this I propose to finish and start watching today’s video. I found a video of Matisyahu in which he shaved and sang right on his motorcycle. Idea for another sticker in Viber.

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