South Korean company LG Electronics for the first time in nine years changed the logo. Not to say that it has changed so radically – the logo retained elements of its predecessor, but turned into an animated smile-emoji.

This is stated in the blog of the tech giant.

The brand symbol, consisting of a combination of the letters L and G, has now “learned” to perform eight unique movements. This includes nodding, spinning, and winking.

Representatives of the corporation

LG decided that the new logo is better to “reach out” to potential buyers from different countries and audiences of different ages. The new logo will smile, greeting customers, and will also be able to move to the music.

Also, the frame was removed from the logo and the red color was made more intense. The image itself has become more minimalistic, losing shadows and shades.

Earlier, LG introduced special headphones Breeze. This device is designed to improve sleep.