Viber versions for Android phones and iPhone are slightly different, so I decided to make a separate post for Android users.

What are stickers in Viber?

Stickers are images that you can use to express emotions without text. Similar to emojis, but usually larger in size. Viber stickers are grouped into categories, they are paid and free.

Where in Android is the store with stickers for Viber?

Stickers in android are stored at: Settings > Sticker Shop.

Android download stickers in Viber

Most stickers in the market are downloaded for free, and the rest can be bought. To order new stickers in the market on android you need:

  1. Go to the sticker shop
  2. Select a group of stickers
  3. Click on the green “buy” button on top

Android buy stickers in Viber

  1. Choose a payment method and continue to follow the instructions on your phone

Download ordered stickers

After payment, the ordered stickers are automatically downloaded to your phone. And after downloading, you will immediately see them in the list of stickers. New stickers are marked with a green star. To see your downloaded stickers, you’ll need:

  1. Go to any chat
  2. Click on the bear icon to the left of the typing field
  3. Scroll the menu to the right until you see the ordered stickers
  4. At the bottom, you’ll see a purple bar with groups of stickers. Recently purchased will be at the very end with green marks.

Android store nakleek in Viber

An important point: if you delete the purchased group of stickers, or change the phone, you will need to wait until the purchased sticker sets are downloaded. To do this manually, you need:

  1. Go to the sticker shop
  2. Choose settings
  3. Select Download purchased stickers

Do stickers have an expiration date?

No. Stickers purchased or downloaded once remain yours. Some groups of labels marked as promotional or limited in time will be deleted after the expiration date. It is not possible to re-download them.

How to remove stickers in Viber?

Downloaded stickers are visible next to the default stickers. You can choose which groups of stickers to show and which to hide. For this you need:

  1. Go to the sticker shop
  2. Click on the settings icon
  3. Disable checkboxes next to groups you don’t like

Android spryatat stickers in Viber

How to swap sticker groups?

This is done rposto. To swap groups of stickers:

  1. Go to the sticker shop
  2. Click
  3. Hold and drag the icon to swap groups of stickers

Android поменять местами stickers в Viber

How do I sync stickers across devices?

Ordered sticker groups are added to your account and automatically available on all devices. If it doesn’t, click “Get Custom Stickers” in your Sticker Store settings.

Can I buy stickers from my computer?

Currently, you can’t, stickers are only purchased from mobile devices.