The Discord service, which has gained popularity among gamers, will cooperate with American intelligence agencies. He will assist in the investigation into the leak of classified documents of the US military and authorities regarding Ukraine.

Information about this was published by Reuters.

According to journalists of the Bellingcat investigative website, the original source of the appearance of secret documents in the public domain was a user of the Discord text and voice messaging service.

Discord has already made a statement that the service began cooperation with law enforcement agencies amid “an obvious violation through the publication of classified materials.”

At the same time, the request of the agency’s journalists to the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding Discord’s cooperation with US intelligence agencies remains unanswered.

Earlier, the American media reported that a young employee of one of the US military bases, Jack Tesheira, was involved in the leak of secret Pentagon documents.

Recall that in the first half of 2022, moderators of the Discord messenger blocked more than 55 million accounts and about 68 thousand. Servers. The main reason for the sanctions was spamming.