Chinese artificial intelligence during the day fully controlled the Qimingxing 1 satellite in near-earth orbit. According to the researchers, this happened as part of an experiment conducted to test the behavior of technology in space.

This is stated on the South China Morning Post.

According to the publication, ground-based AI independently operated a small Earth observation satellite Qimingxing 1. Within 24 hours, he was observed by a team of researchers led by scientist Wang Mi from the State Laboratory for Information Engineering in geodesy, mapping and remote sensing.

The researchers claim that the system independently selected several locations on Earth and provided the Qimingxing 1 team to study them. For some reason, all selected AI points are quite interesting for the Chinese military.

For example, this is the Indian northeastern city of Patna, which is on the Ganges River. It is known as the base of a regiment that came into military conflict with Chinese soldiers. He also chose the Japanese port of Osaka to study AI, which regularly receives warships from the United States.

Recall, the Chinese automaker Geely is going to launch 72 satellites by 2025. This will be carried out within the framework of support for the new line of cars.